Valet Parking

Parking Never Looked So Good!

SVS Parking - When Parking Looked So Good

Oh how our streets have gone from classic beauties with personality and unmistakable “lines”, to merely something in the way of our line of vision as we’re navigating to the next destination.

On May 24th 1898 the first U.S. public parking garage completed construction and opened it’s gates to the people of Boston Massachusetts.  From there, livery stables (horse stables) in urban locations began to be converted into garages.

Would you believe that in the Eastern US, once horse stables, with lifts for the commonly used horse-and-carriage, continue to operate as modern day vehicle garages today?  That’s right.  A fantastic way to sustain the beautify of history and architecture in our evolving times of increasing population of automobiles.

SVS Parking Where Parking Lift History BeganWhat is regularly used in other countries, and slowly being introduced into the US as Hydraulic & Mechanical garages, was envisioned from the 1800’s carriage lifts.  SVS Parking The First Carriage LiftThe purpose then, is the purpose now; so are we really brilliant or simply catching up with times past?

Valet 101

“A Servant position that takes care of the many needs of someone in hiring of the valet”.  In the 1960’s we saw the very first “parking valet” as the role expanded outside the doors of a singular personal assistant.  A valet is usually an employee of the establishment, or an employee of a third party valet service that take responsibility for the parking of your vehicle.  * Valet “may not” by law charge a handicap vehicle owner to valet their vehicle.  See ADA regulations for details.


The common reason for valet parking at an establishment is to provide you with convenience.  No long walks in high healed shoes, or in undesirable weather – let your valet do the work for you.

Increased Parking Ratio

SVS Parking SolutionsA venue can also park up to 75% more vehicles in a given space by hiring valet to organize the guest vehicles in a fashion that assures no guest will have to drive away due to lack of parking, and the venue secures continued business through the security of how valet can increase parking ratio for them.  This is often found in small or shared use lots.


The lasting impression that can be given before and after your visit (or as SVS Parking trademarked “First and Last Impression”) further advances upon the atmosphere of luxury and intimacy that select establishes wish to cast upon their patrons.

Why do I pay for parking? SVS Parking - What are The CostsThe cost of motor vehicle parking plays a regular role in your choice of transportation.  The idea of “car-pooling” was greatly embraced due to the cost of individual expenses for parking.  We as a valet and parking company even see this today when valeting for private events, weddings, and like functions that call upon guests for a single happening.  In the chart above – The value above the line represents the out-of-pocket cost per trip for each mode of transportation, while the value below the line accounts for subsidies, environmental impact, social and indirect costs.

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