Impressed Upon Clients:

Thank you all for your display, for your willingness to adapt when our plans fell apart, and for giving me the reassurance that the event would regroup.  Never would I have figured that our valet services would be our keystone!  All Superior needs is a chef, and sommelier on staff and you could facilitate it all Steve.
Will be in touch – Megan and Jeffery


SVS Parking Company helped make my wife’s wedding day everything she hoped it to be and more.  Even when one of my groomsman  became ill, one of the staff quickly jumped to action, drove to a near by store, purchased an easing agent for his discomfort, and returned with the “cure” in hand. Are you kidding me!  We thank you all, and will be referring you to others again.
– Jamie Paterson


Wow….my previous thoughts of a valet company were not much more then someone to handle trivial tasks when parking.  I apologize for this misconception, and thank you for proving me otherwise.  I believe that between what you call your purpose, and service platforms you should be promoting yourselves as more then “valet”, but you  know your business.  Our evening was a tremendous success, while guests have spoken nothing but praise since the event on how impressed they were with Superior Valet.  We’ll see you next year.  – Scott Chomes


Since when has a dinning experience started before leaving your car?  You guys blew our family away with your kindness, service, and taking care of my mother the way you did.  Thank you is not enough!  Please inform us of the locations you service, and how we can promote Superior Valet Services.  Feel free to use this wherever needed.  – Mellisa McGallegar


Professional, poised, handsome, and organized.  Words we feel exhibit what your team provided throughout our customers dinning.  Sorry Steve, we didn’t want to reuse your standard indicators of impression, intimacy, and luxury as repetitive; but yes these were achieved.  We will see you next week.
– Jessica and Marty Forrest


Thank you for handling the operations of our guests so professionally. I didn’t find one guest walk in without a smile on their face.  How do you do it? I’m going to go home early tomorrow if this occurs again (smiles).  – Jessica and staff


Steve, please let us know when you will be expanding to Santa Barbara!  I’m sure we will want your SVS family to take care of us at our home, or the opening retreat for guest services. Ha. Splendid!   Sincerely – James Henden


Jason, the SVS Parking Company staff has us stunned in their efforts to carry us (almost literally) throughout our stay.  After purchasing a membership, we’ll be returning to the the Club.  My parents are still in love with you all in how you showed sincere interest in her “stories”, and shuttled us off to our Hotel without hesitation.  Thank gosh we weren’t stuck in that taxi!!
See you next time – Melissa Jennings and Family


Yes, you’re right, impressive, intimate, and luxury.  We are likely not to experience luxury elsewhere again.  Not a stature I’ve achieved yet, but what a joy it was to experience it through your company.  We’ll be back Jason.  – Jack McCall


SVS Parking Company is considerably more wonderful than they accept to be.  Please provide my contact information to anyone who needs reassurance of your business operations and personal conduct.  We’ll expect you upon our next stay!
Be there – Michael


Do you know that my son Kevin learned the balance of being “patient and persistent” in life from one of your staff? I was almost in tears of awe, after my husband reiterated what he overheard Kevin being instructed. Thank you for your service, and even more so for which ever staff it was that encourage our son! Give him a promotion.  – Melissa


Fantastic you were.  My family is higher maintenance then most, and your staff gave us an understanding of what we could be doing – taking care of other people like we expect to be taken care of.  We will being talking soon regarding your business planning and how you constructed what you have.  P.S.  Thanks for reminding me not to drive off with my blazer on…..
– Jonathan, Michelle, and Corby


When it stated raining my mind raced to my leather seats, new suit, and Italian shoes.  How your staff pulled up my car without a drop of water on or near it is beyond me.  More then my suit, my experience in being served by SVS was impeccable.
– Jesse


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