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Your Valet “Speaks” Long Before You Do!

Before your customers enter your establishment, your valet service is the first to greet your customers, and the last to say goodbye. This first and last impression can have a lasting impression, or as Richard Branson states in the Business Insider, “The first impression is everything. So is the second!” Please read on… Please take the […]

What Does Your Valet Do When No One’s Looking?

Watch this video to find out… At SVS Parking we fully understand a person’s reluctance to let us park their car especially after watching an “over dramatized” video like this! After all, people have no idea who we are as they drive up to have us park their car. “Our valets have 30 seconds or less […]

Would You Let A Robot Park Your Car?

Take a look at what this CNN article has to say about “Ray” the robotic valet… Robot = A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. Person = A human being regarded as an individual. Although SVS Parking appreciates and applauds the person that invented “Ray” the […]

Without a Word

Don’t say a word! How many times have we heard this in our past?  Late night out, missed your curfew, mom or dad catches you walking in, and before your premeditated excuse has a chance to cover you, “Don’t say a word” calls your bluff. “You never know when your valet might be inspiring someone […]

Don’t Be Left Behind

SVS Parking Business & Medical keeps you informed From Virgin Group Chairman, to other leading corporate strategists, being watchful of trends is what can keep you in front.  SVS  shares with you nine insightful ideas that will define your 2014. Check it out at… http://www.businessinsider.com/biggest-trends-of-2014-2013-12

All For Profit – Take it or Leave it

What is a Profit Center, and how do I know if I have a Cost Center in my Hotel or Corporate parking? Your corporate parking is more than a valuable asset, it’s a business, and a business that if run effectively will greatly impact all areas of Hotel, Corporate, Business or Medical center revenue. You […]

Know Them Don’t Hate Them

25 and room for more…. “Hate is such a harsh word”, remember mother telling you this? So don’t let what others have irritate, agitate or aggravate you. We wouldn’t even envy it, but rather know what your neighboring Hotels have done to achieve or be awarded something you want. “Go get it”, my father would […]

Ask First Park Later

– One of your most valuable assets. – You’re trusting it with a stranger. – What insures that you are protected? – What’s the difference?     In 2009  http://www.autoblog.com/2009/10/02/video-crooked-valet-attendants-caught-in-los-angeles/ In 2010 an uncovering of illegal valet companies began. What did that mean for you? Possible lose, exposure, and liability. Now in 2014 regulations have […]

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