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A Business With No Plan = A Plan For No Business!

Take a look at what Think Advisor has to say about the importance of business planning. Please read on… If you have watched an episode of the popular 1966–1973 television series Mission Impossible, you know the importance of planning. and even more importantly picking the right people with the specific gifts, passions, strengths, personality and […]

Every Second Counts!

According to the New York Times every second does count!  Please read on… The great late fighter pilot John Boyd discovered that every second does count, and called it the OODA Loop. We first Observe, Orient, Decide and then Act. In fact, every time your valet service introduces themselves to your customers, they have just […]

Your Valet “Speaks” Long Before You Do!

Before your customers enter your establishment, your valet service is the first to greet your customers, and the last to say goodbye. This first and last impression can have a lasting impression, or as Richard Branson states in the Business Insider, “The first impression is everything. So is the second!” Please read on… Please take the […]

What Do Your Customers Observe With Your Valet Service?

OBSERVE = Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant. As the great late fighter pilot John Boyd discovered, we first OBSERVE, orient, decide and act–The OODA Loop. Read on… So, please take a moment to think about what do your customers first OBSERVE with your valet service before they move onto orienting, deciding […]

Does Your Valet Service Inspire Your Customers?

Inspire = To fill, stimulate or encourage someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. Watch what actor Jim Carrey has to say about inspiring others… At SVS Parking we believe that our valet service should inspire and encourage people to want to come back to your establishment. Our valet’s are a […]

What Is Your Valet Service Communicating Right Now?

“Communicate = To share or exchange information, news, or ideas.” Please listen now to this popular National Public Radio broadcast on the importance of communication… So, what messages of information, news or ideas is your valet service currently communicating to your cherished clients? We encourage you to stop and go and take a look right […]

What Is Your Hotel’s Brand Promise?

Can you and your hotel employees recite it word for word? Does your valet service know what your hotel’s brand promise is? Statistics show that almost all hotels have a brand promise, however, almost all employees and their valet services have no clue what it is! At SVS Parking we make it a priority to […]

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