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Park Assist

MY COMPANY IS GROWING MY PARKING IS GONE Park Assist Indicators – Has your corporation or business complex reached capacity in your parking garage, or surface lot?  Is HR seeing work ethic and moral drop due to inefficient parking conditions? Are your tenants complaining about parking limitations? Upset employees or tenants alone will prove a […]

Would You Let A Robot Park Your Car?

Take a look at what this CNN article has to say about “Ray” the robotic valet… Robot = A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. Person = A human being regarded as an individual. Although SVS Parking appreciates and applauds the person that invented “Ray” the […]

SVS Parking PLATINUM™ Card

Becoming a member with the SVS Platinum Card™ is quick, and simple; and once obtained you instantly begin receiving updates and advantages to some of your favorite dining, shopping, and hospitality venues.  Consumer Advantages – The SVS Platinum Card™ provides you with participating venue discounts, valet and parking privileges, VIP access, free valet parking with premium membership, […]

Don’t Be Left Behind

SVS Parking Business & Medical keeps you informed From Virgin Group Chairman, to other leading corporate strategists, being watchful of trends is what can keep you in front.  SVS  shares with you nine insightful ideas that will define your 2014. Check it out at… http://www.businessinsider.com/biggest-trends-of-2014-2013-12

Know Them Don’t Hate Them

25 and room for more…. “Hate is such a harsh word”, remember mother telling you this? So don’t let what others have irritate, agitate or aggravate you. We wouldn’t even envy it, but rather know what your neighboring Hotels have done to achieve or be awarded something you want. “Go get it”, my father would […]

From the Outside In – Restaurant Reflection

Are you in the Top 10? What are the secrets of Top 10 Success? Orange County: http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/orange-county-ca-best-top-10-food_andrea-ca_6oc.html LA County: http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/los-angeles-best-top-10-food_il-grano-ca_2la.html

The Exclusive Client

Personalized guest services within private events is not learned, but lived in order to fully understand how to best support the needs of the client, as well as attending guest and neighboring event vendors. Your location is very specific, your gathering purpose is of the most importance to be fulfilled even before the guest arrive. […]

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