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Remote Control Valet Parking Or The Real Thing?

USA Today reports on the new BMW i3 unveiled at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show that remotely parks itself. Please read on and watch the video… So, would you trust your new BMW i3 to park itself in a busy parking lot filled with triple stacked cars? We would love to hear your feedback […]

Does Your Valet Service Make The First 30 Seconds Count?

According to Get Smarter, your valet service has 30 seconds or less to accurately communicate who your establishment is!  Read on… The article states that, “We size up people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” At SVS Parking our valets know the clock is running, and that they just have a mere 30 seconds […]

Without a Word

Don’t say a word! How many times have we heard this in our past?  Late night out, missed your curfew, mom or dad catches you walking in, and before your premeditated excuse has a chance to cover you, “Don’t say a word” calls your bluff. “You never know when your valet might be inspiring someone […]

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