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Your Valet “Speaks” Long Before You Do!

Before your customers enter your establishment, your valet service is the first to greet your customers, and the last to say goodbye. This first and last impression can have a lasting impression, or as Richard Branson states in the Business Insider, “The first impression is everything. So is the second!” Please read on… Please take the […]

Remote Control Valet Parking Or The Real Thing?

USA Today reports on the new BMW i3 unveiled at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show that remotely parks itself. Please read on and watch the video… So, would you trust your new BMW i3 to park itself in a busy parking lot filled with triple stacked cars? We would love to hear your feedback […]

What Do Your Customers Observe With Your Valet Service?

OBSERVE = Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant. As the great late fighter pilot John Boyd discovered, we first OBSERVE, orient, decide and act–The OODA Loop. Read on… So, please take a moment to think about what do your customers first OBSERVE with your valet service before they move onto orienting, deciding […]

Does Your Valet Service Make The First 30 Seconds Count?

According to Get Smarter, your valet service has 30 seconds or less to accurately communicate who your establishment is!  Read on… The article states that, “We size up people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” At SVS Parking our valets know the clock is running, and that they just have a mere 30 seconds […]

Do First Impressions Matter?

Please read what this Wall Street Journal article has to say about first impressions… The well-known American diplomat Elliot Abrams states, “First impressions matter. We size up people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” That means you should always consider a valet service that is able to accurately share who you are with […]

Does Your Valet Service Inspire Your Customers?

Inspire = To fill, stimulate or encourage someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something. Watch what actor Jim Carrey has to say about inspiring others… At SVS Parking we believe that our valet service should inspire and encourage people to want to come back to your establishment. Our valet’s are a […]

What Makes Your Establishment Unique?

Diet Coke recently printed 2 million unique labels in their latest marketing campaign. Find out how by clicking on the image below… The campaign conveys to “Diet Coke lovers that they are extraordinary by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles!” At SVS parking our campaign is similar to Diet Cokes, however, we convey to all Orange […]

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