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2017 California Hotels Heat Up

YES – Our California sunshine state brings home the trophy in the top 10 hotels rated by one of NBC’s ratings team. Well done Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, and The Grand Del Mar. Furthermore our local Waterfront Hilton Hotel as they verge on completion of the  luxury tower that will […]

What Makes Your Establishment Unique?

Diet Coke recently printed 2 million unique labels in their latest marketing campaign. Find out how by clicking on the image below… The campaign conveys to “Diet Coke lovers that they are extraordinary by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles!” At SVS parking our campaign is similar to Diet Cokes, however, we convey to all Orange […]

Increasing Customer Base

Taking the 5.3% “by the horns” Our previous article shed light on the outcome of losing a 4% customer base in your restaurant or hotel. The outcome is painful.  Today SVS uses Chianina as a live example of increasing your regular customer base this summer by 5.3%. Meet Chianina an atmosphere, menu, and experience designed […]

Hospitality: How We Serve You

From noun, to adjective, to a plan for success. How would your staff respond to the question of “What is hospitality?” What about, “How is – your establishment – a hospitable hotel/restaurant?”   Then, “How do you plan for each guest to receive hospitality?” Even better, “Share with me the last ten minutes of your […]

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