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SVS Hotel SeriesPlacing SVS Parking corporate platform into Hotel operations is both efficient as well effective in creating a seamless impression for each hotel; in which your individual vision of luxury, corporate standards of procedure, and guest expectations are carried out with care, precision, and ongoing quantified results to guaranteed an elevated experience for each and EVERY guest.
SVS overcomes the “conveyor belt” outcome that is most often found with common “over corporatized” valet companies; and even internal Hotel valet management.  What happens with providers that focus on quantity of accounts and national status?  Quality is lost, principal involvement for your venue is never seen, and the result is a lost impression, and you affording something that is not being fully delivered.  Providing an intimate impression through our SVS Parking principal operations is where we thrive  in our resulting “First And Last Impression” standard.
In the 1950’s valet and parking management was exactly what the meaning of valet is = a servant, and our servant leadership standards are what continue to enable SVS Parking to raise the bar “for you” as the industry has proven to slide to yet another level of poor impression.  In the example to the right we all too often find valet at other venues not meeting the standards seen in the example.  SVS Parking PresentationHair kept professional, garments ironed at all times, no hat or “beanies”; and this extends to being intentional with words, having forethought with arriving and departing guests, not sitting down, looking for opportunities to serve (not just a car to park), and more.  These standards are not only trained and looked for in each SVS staff prior to hiring, but are part of the company philosophy.  We serve.  We don’t merely park.

Relieving Hotels of liability, and management overheard accounting, as well as costs, is coupled with planning specific guest conduct that not only impresses upon the Hotel or Resort at hand, but directly impacts the RGR (return guest ratio) from those who are the foundation of any Hotel of stature – your guests.  Our staff also remains educated on your Hotel offerings, Calendered events, and hospitality that further carries  the arriving and departing guest in care.

Also inquire for facility optimization consulting for structures currently under service.

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