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Park-A-Thon© is a semiannual mobile event that focuses on using something simple that we all have the ability to use – our vehicle.  New expansion is in the works to establish ongoing daily Park-A-Thon benefits at qualified valet parking venues.  So SVS says “let’s give back BIG” by driving, and cycling.

Every day hundreds of thousands of vehicles navigate the streets even before hitting the freeway toward their work, school, or daily errands. Even more pass down the same streets, and attend the same restaurants, hotels, and even medical facilities at least once per week.  The numbers are astounding when we factor in motorcycles, and cyclists every weekend.  The result is an opportunity to raise thousands of dollars with 1 single “I can help” donation of $1.00.

SVS ParkAThon EventsThrough this common and universal mean, SVS Parking established ParkAThon© to raise both awareness and funds for direct-impact charities, families and like organizations within the cities that they have valet & parking accounts.  The cause is being expanded into municipal support with cities that too see the great value in using the masses to raise funds that support the needs of people, families, communities, and city based organizations.

How & Where ?

SVS Parking ParkAThon CorporateEstablished Venues  –  In cooperation with any/all venues/clients that SVS Parking works with, two calendered days or  two weekends a year (special Park-A-Thon requests may add upon the semiannual Park-A-Thons) SVS organizes, broadcasts, and orchestrates a “Park-A-Thon” where for every car valeted at a venue, or parked at a paid lot/garage, SVS Parking donates $1 to a designated local need.  This equates to between hundreds to thousands of vehicles/dollars per day/weekend pending participating venues & traffic.  Tracking systems show participants what venues are involved, where they are located, and the direct impact need(s) that is being supported; so each participant/driver may elect to “add value” to their evening, or stay (restaurant, hotel, medical facility, country club, etc).

SVS ParkAThonMunicipalities  –  In cooperation with cities that see and utilize the value in attracting the volume of drivers that already use the roads, live, and or work amidst their city, SVS Parking in collaboration with city traffic officials, identifies the most ideal, and safely traveled arterial streets where vehicles can elect to merge into a shoulder lane or adjacent parking lot (envision a mobile “weigh station arrangement” or Fast Trak logistics), efficiently drive through a Park-A-Thon station without leaving their vehicle, make a donation of their choice (usually in the range of $1), and continue on to their travels.  Each driver will be given information on the elected need(s) as well as where they can go to see the resulting fundraising that occurred.

SVS Parking Community ParkAThonCommunities  –  In request of communities looking to raise funds and awareness for a local cause or community impact SVS Parking partners in assisting them in planning, facilitating, and executing a successful Park-A-Thon drive.

The mission of Park-A-Thon© is to use “awareness” and a common ground of driving/parking through the masses to drastically impact the immediate monetary support of specific needs that lie with cities and or communities.  This could be but not limited to a youth shelter, homeless, non-profit organization, a community in distress, a foster home/organization, a family in need, a school in financial restraints, or a purpose minded project in need of labor and financial backing (park, housing, building, community center, special cause, etc).

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