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Parking Management finds it’s definition in how your elected firm plans, protects, and partners with you; with the sole intention of taking responsibility to make performance their priority.  Are you clearly seeing performance that impacts your ROI?  If not it’s time for you to find a firm that will manage your asset under their partnership.

Parking Management should carry a myriad of services that ensure  all aspects of  your asset are optimized. Optimization, and proactive planning that result in the performance of revenue streams, risk management, development planning, parking solutions, as well as measured levels of hospitality should prove whether you have a Parking Management Firm, or what the industry has long found mediocrity in – “over corporatized companies”; those of which drive their focus on their volume of accounts, and national branding coverage.

From here we invite you to meet SVS Parking and Transportation Company.  We are both selective as to who and when we invite new assets into our portfolio, as are we particular in choosing clients that see, appreciate, and hold value to a firm that prides themselves not in stature within the industry, but rather performance that is guarded by principal involvement.


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Trending Parking Needs: Profit Centers

SVS Profit Center LargeProfit Centers are the beginning of what are the internal investment machine (ATM) in almost any fee-based parking facility.  As a parking density “increaser” Park Assist is a plug-in program that can greatly complement facilities that are already fully occupied on a regular basis.

The basic snap-shot to the left is a small parking garage that is supported by 10% park assist revenue, lot brokering, surrounding transit, and remote business alliances. Parking rates are based upon volume of use to incentivize regular consumers, leaving peak parking rates to infrequent users.

In addition to the above, transparency, revenue goal setting, demand assessment, managed maintenance, transit reporting, and more are tools that an intentional parking provider should be focused on when managing what is equivalent to your Fidelity Mutual, or T-Row Price investment portfolio.

SVS Parking Planyo-landing-parkingIntuitive software and applications (apps).  The spec to the left is an example of one of multiple applications that SVS Parking uses to further increase parking use, and secure revenue for your facility.  These applications are continuing to advance and become regular tools for consumers as parking becomes more and more of a commodity.  No one ever thought “communicating with your parking attendant” before you arrive would ever be needed.  Now as employees secure a parking space before they arrive to work, customers hope to get the last parking space before the show starts, a passenger has no time to search for parking as they battle traffic on their way to the airport, or a VIP guests wants that front row space prior to arrival, parking is a demand and should be managed accordingly.

SVS Parking - TransportationSupportive Staff Parking – What occurs when your existing parking lot or structure is hindering the needed growth of your hotel, or corporate campus?

Development Plans take shape, and a new wing finds infrastructure, or the CEO elects to see the lot in order to reinvest in structural upgrades or a new site.  Development does not need to become an obstacles when the “need to grow” is faced with re-purposing your “concrete library”.

SVS Parking Lot OptimizationEmployee Parking – Solution – SVS Park Assist, and corporate solutions will take care of increase parking density and efficiency plans, or ascertaining the replacement lot, permits, and the around-the-clock transportation to assure efficiency and staff moral remains high.  The unseen cost of impacted employee performance due to unmanageable parking conditions is something to seriously consider.

Trending Needs: Park-Assist


Park Assist Indicators – Has your corporation or business complex reached capacity in your parking garage, or surface lot?  Is HR seeing work ethic and moral drop due to inefficient parking conditions? Are your tenants complaining about parking limitations?

Upset employees or tenants alone will prove a negative impact on your company productivity.  The need to find a solution for your booming company or business complex success, and need for new talent in order to support your growth will pend on where you will park them.  Doesn’t sound like an issue until you have talent that chooses to go home after frustration overcomes them at 9am when they can’t find parking.  Or they return from lunch with nowhere to park.  Projects on their desk that need attentions, dead lines to meet before the end of day… see how this impacts performance.

Since 2015 as the US economy climbed another rung to find it’s way  back to a stable state of employment, a parking epidemic for growing corporations has exploded in major cities and dense metropolitan areas.  Structural room exists within facilities for expanding talent base, but a lack of affordable real estate footprint for new parking lots becomes the hindering affect.

What about car pooling, shuttling, and split shifts?  All viable options, but not a solution to support a robust growing company that relies  on the performance and happiness of their talent.

The solution?  Park Assist.  Simple, efficient, no hardware or software needed, can be adapted, removed, and re-implemented at any point, and pending your existing parking lot or garage layout SVS Parking will align daily systems that will increase your parking density by 30-50%, restore talent work moral, and provide a person touch to your company talents work day.  Our systems have been tested and proved among local fortune 500 companies.

Knowledge is King

How? Parking lot or parking garage dimensions are taken to assure ample parking isle room is available to park-assist/rack strategic lanes of vehicles.  Pending SVS Parking findings schematics are completed to assure supportive parking density can be achieved.  From here pre planning assures employee awareness and facility administration communications.  Once park-assist systems are launched a park assist team is placed on the top level or your parking garage, or area of your surface lot that per traffic patterns is the area last to be fully parked.  Signage and natural traffic flow guides overflow traffic to these areas.

SVS Parking Corporate ParkingFirst impact – Once your parking garage or surface lot becomes full the park assist team begins directing “overflow” employee (talent) vehicles into park-assist lanes.  These lanes are positioned/racked perpendicular with existing self parking vehicles/spaces.   As each garage ramp, or lot isle become full on one side, park assist operation teams continue adapting down to the next level lower (or isle over for surface lots) to direct traffic into additional park-assist lanes.  Select parking garages and lots can find plans for dual park-assist lanes; further increasing parking density.

Don’t let Parking Impede your Growth.

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SVS Parking and Montas Resport Post top 25 in CaliforniaHotel operations that bolster impression, by being extraordinary in efficiency and effectiveness in creating a seamless experience for each hotel guest is what SVS Parking Company represents. Your individual vision of luxury, corporate standards of procedure, and guest expectations are carried out with care, precision, and ongoing quantified results to guaranteed an elevated experience for each and EVERY guest.SVS Parking Company overcomes the “conveyor belt” outcome that is most often found with common “over corporatized” parking  companies, and internal Hotel valet management.  Providing a principal partnership is what delivers an intimate impression.
Don’t Go Internal: Relieving Hotels of liability, and management overheard accounting and costs, is coupled with planning specific guest conduct that not only impresses upon your Hotel or Resort, but even more so directly impacts the RGR (return guest ratio) from those who are the foundation of any Hotel – your guests.Schedule a Presentation

SVS Parking - Restaurant Groups and Fine Dining

Dining has always remained as an experience that is most impressed upon from ones pallet to the aroma coming from the chef quarters.

After years of supportive guest services in the dinning industry, SVS Parking Company worked diligently to understand the greater needs of dinning patrons, as well as restaurant group necessities, thereafter comprising a specific restaurant approach that caters to what your guest is soon to experience inside.

From initial arrival to the eventual completion of their stay, your guests are cared for by intuitive staff that have been trained, educated, and test driven through what to expect, foresee, and overcome at your specific dinning venue. There is one chance to impress upon an experience.

Partner with a firm that plans to protect you first.

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