hospitalHospitals and Professional developments can become susceptible to “the virus” when a unified management provider such as SVS Parking Company is not implemented throughout your portfolio.  Unification equates to consistency, quality, and when relevant – profitable service.

With SVS Parking Company portfolio operations, and principal partners with over 60 years in business development experience, capital structuring, corporate management, and corporate solutions, the understanding of quality services stands as the quantifier as SVS Parking Company earns their partnership as your sole management company.

As asked in the Hotel Group series, what is a Profit Center, and how do I know if I have a Cost Center in my facility?  

A cost center is like a virus, it quick and detectability is not sourced by appropriate management (or a doctor), results becomes a tiring factor to your facility, of your quarterly revues, and of the success of what should be a profit center.  SVS’s PSF basis (profit per square foot) quantifies that related costs promote all resulting profit, and margin for increased profit is regularly assessed to assure optimal performance.

The SVS Parking Company implemented Profit Center is an investment.  We assess where costs are wasted – like a nonperforming stock or under performing mutual fund; identify solutions of where and how we will better utilized funds, maximize incoming demand or revenue – similar to an IPO and the importance of its structuring and descriptive PPM, concluding with a plan that continuously assesses “the market” or daily operations and business/parking revenue. SVS guarantees a performing investment vehicle that supports your NOI from ground up.

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