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Solar Parking Solutions

It’s a GROWING trend – Real estate owners transform parking lots into solar energy generators. From hospitals, shopping districts, airports, to corporate complexes, city projects, and like commercial developments, “solar farms” are now finding their way to the everyday locations that we work, eat, play, and stay. How it works? Your solar provider such as […]

2017 California Hotels Heat Up

YES – Our California sunshine state brings home the trophy in the top 10 hotels rated by one of NBC’s ratings team. Well done Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in Rancho Santa Fe, and The Grand Del Mar. Furthermore our local Waterfront Hilton Hotel as they verge on completion of the  luxury tower that will […]

Park Assist

MY COMPANY IS GROWING MY PARKING IS GONE Park Assist Indicators – Has your corporation or business complex reached capacity in your parking garage, or surface lot?  Is HR seeing work ethic and moral drop due to inefficient parking conditions? Are your tenants complaining about parking limitations? Upset employees or tenants alone will prove a […]

Valet Parking Epidemic – Really?

New Hotel openings are booming this year, 5-Star restaurants are on the rise, and metropolitan areas are turning into valet parking zones for new developments.  Is this good? We think so, but we’re afraid for consumers.  Our solution? Educating consumers and prospecting new clientele by assuring them that BIGGER is not BETTER.  There is no […]

A Business With No Plan = A Plan For No Business!

Take a look at what Think Advisor has to say about the importance of business planning. Please read on… If you have watched an episode of the popular 1966–1973 television series Mission Impossible, you know the importance of planning. and even more importantly picking the right people with the specific gifts, passions, strengths, personality and […]

Every Second Counts!

According to the New York Times every second does count!  Please read on… The great late fighter pilot John Boyd discovered that every second does count, and called it the OODA Loop. We first Observe, Orient, Decide and then Act. In fact, every time your valet service introduces themselves to your customers, they have just […]

SVS Parking Supports The Taste Of Huntington Beach!

The Taste of Huntington Beach brings together thousands of people, amazing tastes, the Spring season, and a great cause every year.  This year SVS Parking™ returns to serve the people, in addition to their fundraising platform ParkAthon™ that will raise funds for the Children’s Library directly supporting a Huntington Beach community in need – Oakview […]

It All Started In The Parking Lot!

Have your ongoing parking issues caused a human resource nightmare? Check out what Forbes has to say about starting your workday off right… “The first few hours of the work day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity over the following eight.” Ongoing parking issues can start your, and your employee’s days […]

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