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SVS Profit Center LargeProfit Centers are the beginning of what are the internal investment machine in almost any fee-based parking facility.  As a parking density “increaser” Park Assist is a plug-in program that can greatly complement facilities that are already fully occupied on a regular basis.

The basic snap-shot to the left is a small parking garage that is supported by 10% park assist revenue, lot brokering, surrounding transit, and remote business alliances. Parking rates are based upon volume of use to incentivize regular consumers, leaving peak parking rates to infrequent users.

In addition to the above, transparency, revenue goal setting, demand assessment, managed maintenance, transit reporting, and more are tools that an intentional parking provider should be focused on when managing what is equivalent to your Fidelity Mutual, or T-Row Price investment portfolio.

SVS Parking Planyo-landing-parkingIntuitive software and applications (apps).  The spec to the left is an example of one of multiple applications that SVS Parking uses to further increase parking use, and secure revenue for your facility.  These applications are continuing to advance and become regular tools for consumers as parking becomes more and more of a commodity.  No one ever thought “communicating with your parking attendant” before you arrive would ever be needed.  Now as employees secure a parking space before they arrive to work, customers hope to get the last parking space before the show starts, a passenger has no time to search for parking as they battle traffic on their way to the airport, or a VIP guests wants that front row space prior to arrival, parking is a demand and should be managed accordingly.

SVS Parking - TransportationSupportive Staff Parking – What occurs when your existing parking lot or structure is hindering the needed growth of your hotel, or corporate campus?

Development Plans take shape, and a new wing finds infrastructure, or the CEO elects to see the lot in order to reinvest in structural upgrades or a new site.  Development does not need to become an obstacles when the “need to grow” is faced with re-purposing your “concrete library”.

SVS Parking Lot OptimizationEmployee Parking Solution – SVS Park Assist, and corporate solutions will take care of increase parking density and efficiency plans, or ascertaining the replacement lot, permits, and the around-the-clock transportation to assure efficiency and staff moral remains high.  The unseen cost of impacted employee performance due to unmanageable parking conditions is something to seriously consider.

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