Your Protection

Your Protection Our Care

Your Protection Our Care

The first concern that is overcome for a venue or specific guest is the quality, behavior, background, and standards of operations of the company offering service in addition to the personal staff impressing upon the location in interest. SVS Parking maintains appropriate licensing, and insurance that protects the venue, guest, and SVS Parking  family of staff.

Since these are common coverages that should be carried by any parking  and valet services organization, SVS Parking have designed  *bridging (seamless system between our mutual operations) Policies & Procedures, along with staff Site Operations Plans for each individual venue within our client portfolio.

The purpose of the bridging P&P and SOP is to educate, train, and improve upon how our family of staff assures you and your guests are protected.  Furthermore, smart technology and communication hardware is implemented in order to sustain expeditious guest response time, onsite staff integration, and real-time supervision.Superior Valet Services Policies and ProceduresClick the PDF link to the left to download our complete P&P, or for further information personalized to your preferences, or inquiries, contact us here.

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