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Steve Moon – President


President of SVS Parking Company, Steve Moon has been instrumental in the success and dedication of a company that supports clientele in need of impression based, and corporate management services.  With driven work ethic learned from being raised in Oregon, Steve carries an embedded sense of leadership into SVS Parking Company and the family of staff.  Furthermore understanding corporate operations, a stepping stone was laid from the beginning on how to succeed not only a company but meeting the direct needs of clientele. By expanding operations to exclusive clientele throughout Southern California, with immediate focus on Orange County, San Diego, and LA County venues, the core purpose of SVS Parking Company remains to impress upon, provide an intimate experience, and sustain a luxury scale of parking & asset management, and valet services for private and corporate clientele.

Never done before has a high profile hospitality group or dining establishment showcased their valet. Why? Because never has a parking provider served guests outstandingly enough, that the guest themselves chose to return to the dining establishment, resort, fashion district, or hotel over another competitor because the personal valet simply amazed, attracted, and secured their return business; and SVS has done just that in raising the bar for world class, and extraordinary hospitality.  – Steve Moon


SVS Parking Logo Valet Parking

Jason Liddell – Vice President


As Vice President and Corporate Relations principal of SVS Parking Company Jason Liddell has brought over 25 years of business management, consulting, and market awareness. Providing support for company management, operations, new accounts, venue quality control, staff mentoring, and client services, Jason stands as a pillar for ongoing business development, and field management.  Stemming from twenty three years in Pennsylvania, helping his father run the family business, Jason further supports clientele with assets in communications, systems management, consulting, impact planning, risk management, and recruiting.

SVS Parking Company never planned to build another valet parking & guest services company; we planned and continue to succeed a management service that turns your business into the next Fortune 500, the next “Rovos Rail of Cairo”, the next “Rodeo Drive” of hotels, of restaurant groups, of world class fashion & dining developments, ever experienced. What made the difference aside from timing, opportunity, and vision? Shining among the crowds by making your best extraordinary, attracting with impression, value, purpose, and personalizing everything for everyone.  Giving guests EVERY reason to praise what you provide, and assure what you look at every day – profit, is where our intentional plans for you  stem from – Jason Liddell


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